Toren in a nutshell:

We formed an organizational concept by believing in human, hygiene and sustainable quality management. We took the pride of bearing a national responsibility with the exports made abroad. We formed 22 various product taste and 11 separate brand mark in our product scale.


Our Products

Discover wide variety of the products that suits all needs of our consumers.


Our Quality

The highest quality of the ingredients. Because the quality matters.


Our Offer

All occasions: from snack to even sophisticated event.


Our Brands

Your favourite brands that can be always with you and your family.

Delicious Mission

Our aim is to always prepare new delicacies and efficient presentations for our products by virtue of our research and development.


High-quality WAFERS are available in various combination of the delicious flavours. You can choose from ingredients as: strawberry, almonds, pistachio, cherry, cocoa, hazelnut, lemon, milk, vanilla and raspberry. So yummy!


Indulge yourself with our milky compound bars. We offer three variants (Red, Blue and Purple).

Our brands:

Discover our brands: wide variety of state-of-the-art products suitable for every life occasion

Our new products

Our latest products prepared specially for you!

Milky compound

Classic Tablet Compound

Nusso Almond

Nusso Wafers Milk Chocolate Coated with Almond Cream

Nusso Pistachios

Nusso Wafers Milk Chocolate Coated with Pistachios Cream


Sokonut Cocoa Cream with Hazelnut


Sokonut Cocoa Cream with Hazelnut


Tamam Wafers Milk Chocolate Coated with Hazelnuts Cream

Wafers Almond

Premium Wafers Almond Cream

Wafers Black&White

Premium Wafers Extra Cream